Projects Through The Years

For over 10 years, the Finney Foundation Helping Hands projects have touched the lives of so many through the help of your gifts. Read about many of these annual endeavors. 


When It's cold out we accept donations of cold weather items!

School Donations in action!

Thank you for your donations to help our bright, young students go back to school prepared this year!
We were delighted to receive this work of art from students at University Prep in Detroit, MI.; one of the oldest Detroit-based charter school systems, encompassing three districts and ten campuses, serving K-12! Keep up the good work U Prep!





National Seconhand Wardrobe day

Did you know there was a national day dedicated towards secondhand clothes?
​What a perfect opportunity to help someone who may be in need of that suit you haven't worn in years!



1 in 5 – the number of Americans who will shop at a thrift store at least once during the year. 

$17.5 billion – the revenue of the resale industry in the United States every year.
⅓ – the segment of the resale industry revenues that are generated by Goodwill.
10.5 million tons – the amount of clothing sent to landfills every year.
700 gallons – the amount of water used to make a single cotton T-shirt.
95% – the percentage of clothing that is dumped in landfills that can be recycled. 



​100% and most someone who may be in need of clothes for day to day necessity, or to land that job and start their life over! You can help! Donate to your local Goodwill, or homeless shelter clothing closet! 






Have you ever seriously considered what life would be like if you couldn't just open the fridge and grab something to eat? Or head to your favorite restaurant or grocer and pick up your favorite meal? Too many people face this dire situation daily! One of our many goals in helping people is to ensure they aren't hungry!
Especially families with children!
We appreciate and are thankful to be a conduit between those that want to give, and those that are in need.
​Thank you for your consideration of these circumstances faced by so many. We continue to partner with churches, shelters and food pantries to provide as many donations as possible! God bless you!